Monday Quick Hits: #1 Jersey to Stay With WR

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  • Earlier this month, Braylon Edwards mentioned that Rich Rodriguez had given the #1 jersey to a freshman defensive back during an interview on the radio. Since then, there has been talk by some about Rodriguez not showing his appreciation for the tradition, but Edwards had a talk with Coach Rod. He and Rodriguez spoke at the Brian Griese-Steve Hutchinson “Champions for Children’s Hearts” event on Saturday, and it appears that everything is straightened out.

    I love Braylon for all that he did and still does for Michigan, but I wish he would’ve just kept this quiet until having a talk with Rodriguez. There was no need to talk about it on the radio. Either way, I should point out that Braylon had this to say about the #1 jersey:

    “You could come in here and completely revamp everything, change the coaching staff, you could change the uniforms, change a lot of stuff, but you don’t change tradition. The No. 1 is one of our oldest, most storied traditions here — don’t change it.”

    Again, I love Braylon, but the #1 jersey is not one of the oldest traditions. It didn’t start until Anthony Carter wore it in 1979, and even then, it really didn’t have a huge meaning until Edwards worked to earn it and then endowed a scholarship for it.

  • The Michigan softball team beat Kent State 5-0 yesterday to win their regional. Michigan was led by 5 runs batted in by Dorian Shaw and a 1-hitter by Jordan Taylor. This victory was Michigan’s third in the regional as the Wolverines already had mercied both Wright State and Notre Dame. With regionals out of the way, Michigan now advances to an NCAA Super Regional against Virginia Tech. U-M is the host, and the first to win two games advances on to the College Softball World Series. (Highlights of the Kent State game can be seen here)
  • The Michigan track and field team won their first Big Ten title in 25 years.
  • Michigan’s baseball team set a Big Ten record for wins in a season by going 26-5. The baseball team also wrapped up another regular season Big Ten title over the weekend and will host the conference tournament later this week.
  • Eric Lacy has more on German basketball player Robin Benzing, who may commit to Michigan in the near future.
  • The Realests have located former Michigan basketball coach Brian Ellerbe. Thanks to one of their readers, we now know that Ellerbe – assuming it is the former coach – is a VP of Corporate Development for a construction company in Las Vegas.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope with all of this talk and bravado coming from Braylon, that he is helping Michigan with its recruiting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the tradition did start with Carter, but since it has always been given to “the next” great reciever since then (save butterfield). It has always been a huge recruiting tool. Carr made Edwards earn it because of the attitude he had when he came to school. If you remember he spent the first two and a half years in Carr’s doghouse. So, I think Braylon was right in wanting the tradition to continue. Should he have brought it up on a radio show before talking to Rich Rod? No. But he has earned the right to defend it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Coach Rod told reporters that he didn’t know about the tradition and has taken the #1 back. He said that it will not be issued in the fall. It would be interesting to see just how long he keeps it from the players.

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