Friday Quick Hits: Udoh’s Future Still Uncertain

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  • Although a decision was expected to be known on Monday, we still don’t know if Ekpe Udoh is going to transfer. Eric Lacy has the latest, but it is just another delay on commenting by Udoh’s former AAU coach. I don’t want to speculate too much, but it sounds like this coach is involved in this situation in a bad way for Michigan.
  • Rich Rodriguez has been touring the country to speak with University of Michigan alumni, and a video of his visit to Dearborn has popped up on YouTube. (HT: MVictors)

  • Rich Rodriguez got paired with Nick Saban in a golf tournament that gives coaches the chance to win scholarship money for their school. Rodriguez’s celebrity partner is former Michigan QB Brian Griese.
  • Coach Rod was on The Herd earlier this week, Varsity Blue has the audio.
  • Kevin Newsome is really fast (I believe he is running the last leg of the relay for the winning team). (HT: Varsity Blue)
  • Adam Kraus signed a free agent contract with the Ravens (he can thank Andy Moeller for that), and Brandent Englemon and Chris Graham are going to try out with a pair of NFL teams.
  • A couple of previews are out for NCAA Football 09. Also, West Virginia fullback Owen Schmitt is on the cover of the PSP version of the game and Cal receiver DeSean Jackson is the PS2’s cover boy.
  • Indiana is going to have a tough time fielding a basketball team next year as they are down to eight players after the latest round of departures.
  • Two new bowl games were approved earlier this week.
  • Terrelle Pryor supposedly had dinner with Ohio State alum Cris Carter in Eddie George’s restaurant.
  • The NCAA unsurprisingly denied Ryan Mallett’s request to not have to sit out next season after transferring to Arkansas.
  • Former Tennessee basketball player Chris Lofton had to battle cancer during his senior season.
  • Les Miles finally kicked LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux off the team for good.

1 Comment

  1. Chris in NC says:

    Wow, he smoked them. Can’t wait to see that against Notre Dame and OSU and MSU and…

    With the 2 added bowls, it is now more likely that there could be a year without all bowls having bowl eligible teams. With this number only 3 teams would have been out of luck last year.

    So add 2 loser bowls, especially the congressional bowl. Are you f’ing serious? The congressional bowl? Add them and water down the bowl system, but reject the idea of having a plus one playoff. Makes sense to me…

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