Speculating on Mallett and Manningham

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Probably the two players that have had and will continue to have the most speculation surrounding them when it comes to returning to Michigan for next season are Ryan Mallett and Mario Manningham. Rumors continue to swirl that Mallett has already decided to transfer, and it is looking more and more like that could be a reality.

There is speculation out of Ann Arbor that freshman quarterback Ryan Mallett has decided to leave Michigan and will transfer to UCLA, according to a person close to the team.

As I said earlier today, listening to Lloyd Carr in his final meeting with the media suggested that Mallett had already made a decision, and my opinion was that that decision was to transfer. (By the way, Carr was wearing Adidas gear in that meeting because he can do what he wants) What really is interesting about this whole situation is to see where quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler ends up, because there are so rumors that he could go to UCLA. At the same time, rumors suggested that Mallett and Loeffler may sort of be a package deal, so if both landed in Westwood it wouldn’t be surprising.

Moving on to a player that could be considering leaving for the NFL, Mario Manningham has a decision to make as well. He will have to decide by January 15th if he wants to come back for his senior season or head to the pros. It has already really been accepted that he will head to the NFL a year early by many people, but that isn’t necessarily a correct statement, at least according to Super Mario himself.

Even though many have assumed Manningham will turn pro, he insisted that wasn’t true.

“I’m going back,” he said. “I want to get my degree.”

When a reporter told the receiver he seemed to be joking, Manningham stood by what he said.

“I’m being for real,” Manningham said.

I hope that Mario truly means what he said and does return, but a lot could change from now until January 15th. Basically, I wouldn’t start to be too optimistic just yet and would instead wait until Manningham publicly announces he coming back, because until then, he could easily change his mind.


  1. Big Blue says:

    Shannon Brown of MSU said the exact same thing, but he ended up going pro. I would take his comments with a grain of salt for now. He may end of staying, but I am sure he was very emotional and caught up in the excitement of beating Florida. When he sees how much money he could make in the NFL, let’s see how eager he is to come back. Class or make millions? If Mallet leaves, I think Manningam is as good as gone. His stock cannot get much higher and if there is an inexperienced QB, that will only hurt his stock

  2. Anonymous says:

    David Thomas of MSU is declaring for the draft, fyi. (There is an article on espn.com) He’s projected to be in the 1st-2nd round, so it may have some effect with Manningham and Arrington.

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