Shawn Crable Isn’t Too Fond of Kirk Herbstreit

By · Wednesday, January 2, 2008 · 1:09 AM |  Share | 9 Comments 

None of us are, Shawn.

And I want to personally apologize to Crable for saying he shouldn’t talk about how Tebow is “just another quarterback” and talk smack before the game. Well, after the hits Tebow took yesterday, a few being from Crable, he can talk all he wants now.


  1. boilerdowd says:

    Love it! Herbstriet’s a pretty-boy, company-line punk.

    Nice job to Crable and the rest of the Seniors.

  2. Hebie's Mom says:

    Poor Kirk. I’m sure his self-esteem took a hit.

    What about Cowherd and all the rest of the talking heads who said Michigan would get stomped?

    Crable finally wins a big game so he disses Herbie. Classless.

    If you trash talk and pull it off you’re classless.

    If you trash talk and get your ass handed to you you’re classless and stupid.

    Way to go Crable, you moved up a notch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And reporting false news isn’t classless? And giving a team no chance to win when you’re on national TV isn’t?

  4. Anonymous says:

    That wasn’t the argument.

    However, to address your question: revealing one person’s shortcomings to justify your’s is part of the classless M.O. You didn’t elevate Crable in the least.

  5. Big Blue says:

    Anon 12:55 pm,

    At the time, I am not so sure Kirk Herbstreit’s report was false. I think Les Miles was seriously considering the UM job and later changed his mind so he could coach in the BCS championship game.

    As bad as Herbstreit is, Mark May is much much worse!! It is sickening how much he bashes the Big Ten. He already stated that if Tenn and Fla were to lose, it would be because those SEC teams “did not care” and that the SEC only cares about the National Championship game. (I believe he said it during the bowl preview back when the bowl games were announced.)

    UM won because they were the better, more physical team. Is it me, or did Fla look SOFT on defense?

    Mark May is garbage! (He is coming down to Lou Holtz’s level.)

    Anyway, we all should enjoy this victory!! Based on Lloyd’s bowl record, it looks like he OWNS the SEC!!! (Sean, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Lloyd almost undefeated against the SEC? He beat Bama, Auburn a couple times, Arkansas, and Florida. The only SEC loss I can think of is Bama in 1997, the year before UM won the NC.)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd also lost to Tennesse. We got stomped that game but UT had a great team that year with Stallworth and Washington at WR.

  7. Feelin' Blue says:

    I don’t mind Herbstreit that much. Everyone thinks that he wears his school colors on his sleeve, and Buckeyes think that he isn’t loyal enough, but that’s just the nature of the beast. (He claims that he doesn’t care about his alma mater when he is doing his job.) I think that he is much better than a lot of other “analysts” (Mark May). He’s a Big 10 man if anything. What he said about about Michigan’s D was stupid; the D actually wasn’t that bad this year other than in the first two games. UM’s defense was ranked in the 30s. Sure, Kirk possibly messed up the hiring of Les Miles, but that was a good thing in the end and he admitted that he made a mistake by trying to break a story. I really don’t think that he is as bad as everyone says.

  8. Feelin' Blue says:

    Shawn Crable is not that articulate (“we was”), but he sure does have personality.

  9. Jerry says:

    Yeah, gonna have to go against the apparent grain of many UM fans. Kirk gives pretty solid analysis and I REALLY think he had what he thought was a solid story on Miles, only to have his report blow up in his face. That shit happens. You either run with it and let the chips fall, or you sit on it and let a huge scoop go by the wayside.

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