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From Pro Football Talk (sometimes reputable source):

With Saints coach Sean Payton not interested in becoming the next head coach at the University of Michigan, there’s talk in league circles that Athletic Director Bill Martin wants to pursue Dolphins coach Cam Cameron, if Cameron is fired.

Per one league insider, Martin believes that Cameron’s 0-13 (and counting) performance in his first year as an NFL head coach is an aberration.

Cameron was an assistant coach at Michigan from 1984 through 1993, and he was the head coach at Indiana. The program is looking for an offensive guru to lead the team after the retirement of Lloyd Carr.

This rumor loses credibility immediately as it suggests that Michigan is looking for an offensive guru. That is by no means true, but still, I wouldn’t discount the possibility of Michigan looking at Cam Cameron. His firing may be imminent, and if he’s available, Martin could make that move if the search is going nowhere.

My thoughts on this are simple. I do not – I repeat – do not want him as Michigan’s coach. In this case, I’d rather take Brady Hoke or Ron English as Cameron has already proved he’s not that great of a head coach at both the college level (at Indiana) and the pro level (at Miami). If he were available as an offensive coordinator then I’d want Michigan to hire him in a second. (Side note: If Les Miles is the head coach and Cameron gets fired, this would also be a possibility as the two were reportedly good friends as assistants together at U-M.)

It’s just a rumor so I wouldn’t put too much time into worrying about this possibility, but it is something to think about in the next couple of weeks depending on if a coach is hired and if Cameron is fired.


  1. ramosa says:

    bill martin sure does spend a lot of time sailing and talking with low-quality candidates. he has spent time talking to english, debord, hoke … and, how, an 0-13 NFL coach. bill martin should spend more time opening his wallet and considering a great coach or a great potential coach.

  2. Anonymous says:

    At least martin has not spoken with john l smith like WSU…

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