Coach Rod Sees the Big House for the First Time

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Click to Enlarge (Associate A.D. Scott Draper left; Rich Rodriguez right)

From the Associated Press:
Rich Rodriguez walked through a flashlight-lit locker room, down a darkened tunnel and stepped onto the Michigan Stadium field for the first time.

“It’s beautiful,” he said with snow covering his dress shoes.

Welcome to Ann Arbor, Coach.


  1. Big Blue says:

    What is your source Arizona? UM has more potential than WVU, in my opinion. WVU may be better now, but not for long. Plus you have a sleezeball hc in huggins.

  2. Andrew says:

    big blue, just ignore the trolls

  3. Brian Kelly says:

    I would have been a better coach at UM and I did not have a 4 million buyout!! Of course I do have a big mouth and RR did beat my Cinci team!! lol

    (Just role playing with what BK might say.)

  4. Maize says:

    let’s get one thing straight here…

    Rockin Rod chose UM because he knew the cheerleaders were fugly (UM is not known for good looking coeds..most of the lookers go to MSU but then again they are as dumb as a stump). With that in mind, Rockin Rod will only be focused on turning Michigan into a dynasty team. And mark my words, he will succeed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    more pics please!!!

    Can you put up more pics from the photo group you got them from?


  6. Jason says:

    Any more pictures?

  7. Jeremy says:

    I agree…More pics

  8. Big Blue says:

    Does anyone find it funny that the WV governor is getting involved with RR going to UM? ( has an article with the governor’s opinion on the situation.) I may not have first-hand knowledge on the economic conditions at WV, but I think the governor has more important issues to deal with than RR leaving WVU. I don’t recall Granholm saying a thing when Brian Kelly left CMU for Cincinnati or when Lloyd announced his retirement.

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