Kendric Price Not Off Basketball Team… For Now

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The Internet was filled with rumors yesterday that Kendric Price, a redshirt sophomore forward, was off the basketball team. Basically, the rumor was that he was off the team and hadn’t even practiced yet due to other reasons. It’s got nothing to do with legal trouble or anything like that, but simply is due to performance.

The rumors actually got so rampant that Tom Wywrot, a U-M sports information director, had to announce that he was still with the team and simply was having a meeting with John Beilein about his future with the team.

Just because Price isn’t off the team right now doesn’t mean he might not be by this time next week. I would keep an eye on this as Michigan could end up having an extra scholarship for the 2009 recruiting class.


  1. Hal says:

    Price is off the team, but will remain on scholarship for this year. Former coach Amaker red shirted the guy because of poor performance. Price made a statement last year that he saw it as an opportunity to get his game up to speed.

    On the good side it shows that Michigan is trying to up grade their team by reducing lack luster players. I believe he is not the first to be dropped from their program recently, Baker Reid and anyone else?

    My concern is that future kids will be concerned about loosing their scholarships if they don’t impress the coach, so they will think twice before coming here.

    Maybe that’s a good thing!?

  2. the one that usually posts says:


    Future kids won’t be concerned about losing their scholis because Beilein will recruit the kids who fit his system just as he did in WV. When Beilein came into WV, he weeded out the kids who didn’t fit or didn’t want to be coached. After that, no problems. And when Beilein starts to win, the idea is that kids will want to play for him so they too can better their game.

    Time will tell but I like the fact that Beilein knows the type of player he needs instead of just picking kids at random and trying to make a team out of misfits as Amaker tried to do.


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