Two More Wolverines Involved in Legal Troubles

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I’ll be glad when this offseason is over simply because so many Michigan football players have been involved in off the field issues. Last week, we learned that both Obi Ezeh and LaTerryal Savoy were going to court for legal troubles, and now we get the great news that two more U-M football players are having legal problems.

Two University of Michigan football players are accused of attacking a man at Touchdown Cafe in Ann Arbor last March, causing injuries so severe the victim required facial surgery.

Quintin Patilla, 19, was bound over on a misdemeanor aggravated assault charge at the conclusion of his preliminary hearing in Washtenaw County District Court on Wednesday, said Ann Arbor Police Detective Amy Ellinger.

His teammate, Robert Thornbladh, 20, faces a felony charge of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, along with misdemeanor assault charges. He is scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial hearing later this month.

Both men were with a group of football players and were identified by witnesses as participating in a fight with a 25-year-old Ann Arbor man on March 9, Ellinger said. The bar was particularly crowded that night because of a charity function, and the victim and players got into a shoving match that escalated into a fight, Ellinger said.

This is probably the reason why Quintin Patilla was not on the official roster when it was released earlier this month. Something important to note is that Patilla is back with the team at practice, probably due to the fact that charges against him have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Court records show prosecutors initially charged Patilla with misdemeanor assault and battery for his role, but dismissed the charge late last month. Last week, prosecutors levied a felony charge of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm against Patilla, but District Judge John B. Collins dismissed that charge Wednesday because of a lack of evidence.

As far as the impact this has on the team, it really is minimal. Robbie Thornbladh is a walk-on and wouldn’t have contributed to the team anyways, but he is practicing. Patilla, however, will probably see some playing time at fullback. He, along with one-time walk-on and now scholarship player Mark Moundros and true freshman Vince Helmuth will all be in the rotation at FB. Patilla probably isn’t going to see more playing time than the other two, but we’ll just have to see. Since the charges have been dropped and Patilla has rejoined the team, I imagine all is well from the standpoint of just being apart of practice.

Honestly though, what is with Michigan football players this offseason? Whether it is getting caught with marijuana, being in fights, getting a DWI, or exposing yourself, none of these players ever seem to learn. I don’t mean to degrade the entire team as a whole since most players know better than to do something stupid like the things I just listed, but come on, if you’re playing football for Michigan, keep your nose out of trouble.

Lloyd’s doghouse is pretty full right now. I just hope that it doesn’t need to make space for any more players down the road, because this is just getting ridiculous.


  1. andrew says:

    geez, looks like Michigan is making a run for the one championship i DON’T want – the Fulmer Cup…

  2. Anonymous says:

    First I believe that Thornbladh and Patilla are being held up as examples. The film shows Thornbladh wasn’t near the victim. Second I think that the person writing the blog article lacks journalistic integrity. Must be U of M football “fan” of the Carr era quality. “What is integrity and ethics? Duh, I am a moron blogger.” (Yeah, she said that about you.) What is 25 year old WCC person doing bad mouthing Michigan football at
    a Michigan student bar? UCK, self- centered, self-appointed wanna be football players. And yeah even walk ons contribute. You didn’t walk on and get hurt and dragged and worn down for not much glory. Yeah you are probably one of the a**h*les that cried at “Rudy”. Hypocrite. You (and the victim sorry to say) are hanging on to these young men to make yourselves feel important. Why don’t you lock on to something that matters like domestic violence or child brides of Afghanistan. Or global warming…loser football fan…I miss Bo, he had integrity and would know what just what to say to the press. Sorry, but Bo would have told you where to go…

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