Thursday Quick Hits: Michigan to be Adidas’ Top College Deal

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  • One of the perks Michigan will receive in its new deal with Adidas is the “most favored nation” clause. According to the Free Press, this clause will guarantee that Michigan remains the top college deal that Adidas has. In reality, this probably doesn’t mean much, but it is something nice to have as an added bonus.
  • Former Michigan football players Carson Butler and Chris Richards found out their respective fates stemming from an incident last St. Patrick’s Day. Both were charged with one count of aggravated assault and assault and battery. Butler was found to be innocent, so he is cleared of all charges. Richards on the other hand was found guilty of not only this charge, but also a separate one coming from illegally entering his dorm room after the semester ended. Just because Butler was found not guilty doesn’t mean he’ll be welcomed back to the team or anything like that. I would bet that he has no chance at returning, but you never do know. That’s my opinion and I would be shocked if Butler ever worse a Michigan jersey on the field again.
  • Tickets for five Michigan football games go on sale July 18.
  • Shockingly, the NCAA came down very hard on the Oklahoma football program. OU must forfeit all its wins from the 2005 season due to violations. The Sooners went 8-4 that year, but now that will be changed. I never would’ve expected the NCAA to actually make Oklahoma forfeit an entire season. I guess my next question is why USC hasn’t faced similar consequences, as Stewart Mandel points out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    USC will skate. The school is too important to the NCAA$.

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