Sam McGuffie to Announce Decision on Sunday

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The wait may finally be over. Standout running back Sam McGuffie has set a date to announce his decision, and it is this coming Sunday. News of this first broke on GBW, but McGuffie confirmed it on his Myspace, saying on the headline that, “IM COMMITING ON SUNDAY.” Also noteworthy on his Myspace is a Texas A&M logo next to a Michigan logo, obviously showing the two schools he’s down to. Something less noteworthy is the comments section of his profile, which have become laughable as fans from both A&M and Michigan are pleading their cases as to why Sam should choose their school. Yesterday afternoon a picture of Charles Woodson was on the page, but it no longer exists. Cause for concern? I’ll address that a little later in this post.

McGuffie originally was going to announce earlier this month but the announcement got pushed back and at one point was going to be last Sunday, but it was delayed again. This time it appears the announcement date will be the real deal and we won’t have to wait past the end of the weekend to know if McGuffie is coming to Michigan or not. From the sounds of it, Sam will announce on the same show as Darryl Stonum, so hopefully the Houston area gets to see another Michigan hat on their television screens when he makes his decision public.

Speculation has really been stirring in the last few weeks regarding which school he will pick. At the start of July, Michigan was the clear front-runner, especially after he visited Ann Arbor, but lately, Texas A&M has come into the picture much more than before. Despite this late push by the Aggies, I’m really not too concerned. In the end, if McGuffie announced that he chose A&M, I’d be very surprised. I know anything can happen in recruiting, and trust me, we’ve seen many weird things happen in just the last year alone, but I really believe we’ll get to see the hurdles and other spectacular moves in a Michigan jersey come 2008.

As usual, stay tuned to MSC when the decision is made, which I would expect to be some time late Sunday night, specifically no later than midnight, but right before the day is over since we’re in a different time zone here in Michigan.


  1. Anonymous says:

    you said you were going to address the Woodson pic later in the post but then you didn’t.

  2. Sean says:

    What I meant was him taking the picture off a cause for concern, but later in the post stated that it shouldn’t be. Hope that clears it up.

    And that is a good read, Woodley sounds like he’ll be great in the NFL.

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