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Lloyd Carr held a press conference yesterday since it was signing day and fielded questions from reporters. Most of the questions were asking about recruiting, but there were many also wondering about the schedule, Carr’s future, and other things regarding the football team. Here are some of the quotes from the press conference.

Opening statement:

“We are delighted that we were able to sign 20 [recruits]. Of course, Marques Slocum will be part of that class as well. So we signed 21 guys. I like their character, I like their potential, and I look forward to the opportunity to coach them when they get here.

“It’s a little unusual – we do have four guys who are already here, that started school in January. The advantage there, certainly, is that they’ll have the opportunity to participate in our winter program in terms of developing their strength and conditioning, and the opportunity to play in spring practice.”

“It also is a more difficult adjustment, coming into college in the middle of the year. They normally come in as a class. These four guys are in here, and their adjustment is a little bit different. Certainly the weather has been colder than Ryan Mallett would have [liked]. We told him it never got less than 40 degrees here.”

On the recruits playing defensive back.

“I think Donovan Warren is the real deal. When he visited last year during the season, he impressed me as a guy that was really goal-oriented, as guy that was not afraid of competition. I think he has all of the skills that it takes, but I think all of the guys that we recruited, or else we would not have recruited them, they have all of the ability and all of the qualities that we’re looking for. It’s a matter of how well they do when the competition begins.

“Of course you all know about Troy Woolfolk, Butch’s son. Troy is a guy with wonderful speed and an athletic ability. Mike Williams from St. Bonaventure is really a guy I think is going to be able to compete early.

“I think that James Rogers is a guy that, you know and a lot of times, it’s interesting to read some of the things that are written about guys, the rankings and all of the stars, the five-star and, you know, it’s kind of funny. I think we had him in our camp, he’s got great speed and is a three-sport guy, no four-sport, four sports. I don’t remember recruiting a guy plays football, baseball, basketball and track. So he’s a guy that brings a lot to the table.

“Artis Chambers is one of the four guys that’s already here. So he’ll get an opportunity to compete in spring practice, which will I think give him a leg up as far as his knowledge and understanding of the game.”

Update on Marques Slocum.

“He’s in school and he will not participate in spring practice.”

Discussion of coaching rumors.

Has someone been hired to replace anybody? … “No.”

Is Ron Lee still on the staff? … “No.”

Thoughts on an early signing period.

“I think there are pros and cons to it. I’m really kind of ambivalent. There are so many factors in there that I can’t give you a good answer.”

Will Ryan Mallett redshirt?

“It’s not a perfect world. We’ll try to play him some if he is the backup quarterback. It may not be a lot, and it may be, you never can predict that. But the advantage of playing some, knowing it’s not going to be a lot, not planning that it’s going to be a lot … the great thing about not redshirting him, every single week he is going to prepare like he’s going to play, because he may. Mentally, the pressure is on him. His dreams are to be the starting quarterback for three years. At the end of that time, you might say, well, you should have redshirted him. But he might not have stayed anyway. There are no guarantees.

On Quintin Woods.

“He is not in school. We’re still holding … I can’t really comment on that.”

Response to talks of his contract change.

“Well, I think you can read into it whatever you choose to read into it.”

Update on a few players’ status.

Is Marques Walton still with the program? … “No, Marques is not with us.”

What about Brandent Englemon? … “Yes.”

What about Ryan Mundy? … “No.”

Is Will Paul returning for his fifth year? … “No, Will is not. He’s graduated. Ryan Mundy will finish his degree this spring as well.”

Update on the still vacant 12th game.

“TBA. We’re working on it. It’s an issue, because there just aren’t many schools out there, so I can just tell you we’re hoping it will be resolved in the not too distant future.”

Thoughts on playing after Thanksgiving.

“That’s one of the suggestions I’ve made. The Big Ten athletic directors are trying to address that issue, but if they don’t do something in the Big Ten Conference, each school would be free to make some changes that would allow them to play the 12th game after Thanksgiving.”

Injury updates.

Do you have an update on Steve Schilling and Antonio Bass? … “Schilling is working out and we’re really optimistic that he’ll be able to play spring practice, at least in some capacity. We just have to see if he’s ready to go as far as contact, but he’s made real strides. He’s really healed fast and we’re excited about that.

“Antonio is working hard. He was in the training room yesterday but I can’t tell you anything. I don’t have anything to tell you that would be different (from before).”

Has Mike Massey’s shoulder problem lingered? … “He had surgery and he will not play spring ball but he’ll be fine.”

Thanks to TheWolverine.com and MGoBlue.com for providing the various quotes used above.

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