Update of Carr’s Contract Hints at Retirement

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Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr will be entering into his 13th season as head of the football program come this September. In his time at Michigan, there have been the ups and downs, but in general things have gone smoothly. Carr won a national championship in 1997-98 and immediately cemented his legacy as a Wolverine. However, in the last couple of years when the records haven’t been as good (until this past season), many have suggested that he would retire. Rumors were constantly running rampant a few years ago saying that he had a health problem and would announce his retirement. Nothing did come of that considering he is still the coach right now, but it may have been on to something, just a few years early.

I and many others believe that the 2007 season to come later this year will be Lloyd Carr’s final hurrah as Michigan’s head coach. Although it is pure speculation, the signs are really beginning to shift towards Carr retiring. Chad Henne and Mike Hart will be seniors and this will be Michigan’s last great chance at winning a national title for another couple of years. Plus, the most recent piece of news to come out of Ann Arbor really does hint at a near retirement.

Back on December 21st of last year, Carr signed an update of his contract that states he would collect $300,000 of a deferred compensation account if he remains employed by Michigan until July 1, 2008. The catch with this is that Carr will collect the $300,000 if he is working for Michigan in any capacity. You may just think that this is something done in case of a retirement and isn’t that unusual, but really it is. Something similar to this was signed by Carr in 2005 with one different part.

In a prior deferred compensation agreement that went into effect in 2005 and required $300,000 per year to be set aside for two years, Carr must work as “Head Football Coach” until July 1, 2007 as a condition for receiving that money.

As you can see, the previous deferred compensation agreement required Carr to be the head football coach and the most recent just asks that Carr works for Michigan in any capacity. Carr is slated to become an associate athletic director for Michigan once he does give up coaching, meaning that this would fit the bill to collect the latest deferred compensation account of $300,000.

One thing that is important from reading this is to know that this news does not mean Lloyd Carr will retire after next season. It does not even mean he will retire after 2008 or 2009. This just gives Carr the chance to collect the next $300,000 without having to be the head football coach. I guess you could say Carr is one step closer to eventually retiring, meaning that it will likely be within the next few seasons if not after 2007.

I have been very hard on Lloyd Carr and some of the decisions he has made in the past, but all in all he is a great man and has achieved great success at Michigan. Some of the past games and seasons have been hard to live through, but they are still much better than what other college’s dream of. When kickoff 2007 comes, I will be putting my strong support behind Lloyd Carr just in case this is his final year.

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